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Rouen Sud Oissel
Hotel The Originals Rouen Sud Oissel
31 rue Désiré Granet
76800 Saint Etienne du Rouvray
Hôtel Restaurant Teyssier
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A beautiful day in Duclair

You don't know Duclair ?

Don't panic! The Originals City Hotel Rouen Sud Oissel is here to help you discover this natural and historic city!

Since pleasing you is our priority, we've put together a little tour just for you!

So please, follow the guide !


An ideal geographical situation!

Only 30 kilometers from our hotel, Duclair enjoys a privileged location.

Indeed, this charming village of about 5,000 inhabitants is located along the river of the Seine, but not only!
It is also located at the crossroads between the abbey route and the fruit route. To top it all off, Duclair is only a few kilometers from Rouen.

Would you like to take a short tour ?

Grab your walking shoes, a bottle of water and your picnic and let's go for a nice day in Duclair!

→ Start this itinerary with a bit of peace and quiet in the Archipel des Eaux mêlées, where you'll have the chance to discover a lovely garden composed of quality flora.

→ Continue your walk towards the banks of the Seine, where an artistic moment awaits you: the "Meteoro" photography exhibition, available until the end of September 2021.

→ After these few kilometers of walking, we invite you to enjoy a shady spot near the Seine, in order to enjoy your meal. All you have to do now is admire the landscape in front of you!

→ Continue this hike, by ascending the Seine valley, where you will discover the famous Cour du Mont, which is none other than a heritage complex dating from the XIIth century, former property of the abbey of Jumiège. A magnificent panorama awaits you there.

→ Extend your walk to the Castle of Taillis and its August 44 museum, evoking the Battle of Normandy for the Liberation. An unmissable visit not to be missed!

→ Finally, visit the Saint-Denis church and its three naves, and sit down at a café terrace for a well-deserved break.

For more suggestions on the village of Duclair and its surroundings, don't hesitate to contact our team!

So see you soon at The Originals City Hotel Rouen Sud Oissel. 😊
Rouen Sud Oissel
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