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Rouen Sud Oissel
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Étretat and its splendid gardens

Are you planning to discover a unique landscape in the world?

Yes, yes, you guessed it, we are talking about Étretat and its majestic cliffs!

Indeed, coming to Normandy is the ideal opportunity to marvel at the breathtaking view of the cliffs of the Alabaster Coast.

True cradle of legends, from the treasure of the Kings of France, to the adventures of the famous gentleman-burglar Arsène Lupin, visiting this mysterious place is a must!

But did you know that in Étretat, magnificent secret gardens are hidden?

So hurry up, take your backpack and follow us: we will take you to discover these enigmatic green landscapes, out of the ordinary!


Where are the gardens of Étretat located?

On the cliffs of the Alabaster Coast.
More precisely : Avenue Damilaville, in Étretat.


Why are these gardens so admired?

In these gardens, an incredible view is offered to you: on the sea, on the beach and the cliffs, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

We warned you, an impressive show awaits you!

Moreover, these gardens, created in 1905, highlight the flora of the Normandy coast, around 7 universes, which you will discover in the form of a bewitching course, like the discovery of a collection of contemporary art, plant.

What are the themes of these 7 gardens?

  1. The Avatar Garden, leading you to a magical surrealism.
  2. The Emotions Garden, symbolizing the "emotional states" of the underwater world and its fauna.
  3. The Impressions Garden, is literally the heart of the Étretat Gardens, known for its famous panoramic view of the English Channel and the cliffs.
  4. The Garden of Aval, reinventing the tale of Alice in Wonderland.
  5. The Zen Garden, representing the harmony between humanity and nature.
  6. The La Manche Garden, composed of a labyrinth of plants carved in the form of breaking waves.
  7. The Garden of Amont, which finally benefits from the highest point of the Gardens of Étretat. You will also have access to a panorama on the gardens and the cliffs.

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.


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