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Rouen Sud Oissel
Hotel The Originals Rouen Sud Oissel
31 rue Désiré Granet
76800 Saint Etienne du Rouvray
Hôtel Restaurant Teyssier
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Joan of Arc Historial in Rouen

Located in the Archiepiscopal Palace of the Cathedral, the Historial was opened March 20, 2015 after several years of restoration work

The Historial traces the life of Joan of Arc, her trials, her suplices and her legend in the places where she was condemned in 1431 and pardoned in 1456's.

The museum visit is modern, playful and animated, thanks to today's technology, with scenography and 3D projections.
Both children and adults are captivated by the history and the atmosphere of the fifteenth century and the criminal investigation of the trial of Joan of Arc.

More information to prepare your visit to the Jeanne d'Arc Historial in Rouen : Click Here
Rouen Sud Oissel
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