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Rouen Sud Oissel
Hotel The Originals Rouen Sud Oissel
31 rue Désiré Granet
76800 Saint Etienne du Rouvray
Hôtel Restaurant Teyssier
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> Stroll in the Forêt Monumentale near Rouen

Stroll in the Forêt Monumentale near Rouen

An unusual walk awaits you in the Forêt Monumentale!

Make the most of your stay at The Originals City Hotel Rouen Sud Oissel to visit the Green Forest in Bois-Guillaume. Close to Rouen, discover the Forêt Monumentale in an artistic and playful atmosphere thanks to this gigantic and sustainable art exhibition.

Over a 4.7 km route, 13 astonishing works of art are artistically placed in the heart of the forest and showcase the surrounding nature. These works come from international artists and aim to question the relationship between man and nature.

An exhibition to enhance the value of state forests in Rouen

Along the way, discover a dragon snake, upside down huts, mirror installations and much more! Each one has a detailed description.

Visible until September 2021, this free exhibition is part of the work to promote the three state forests with the Forêt d'Exception® label, carried out by the Rouen Normandie Metropolitan Area in partnership with the ONF.

Practical information

The route is accessible every day. Count from 45 minutes to 1h30 to cover it.
Rouen Sud Oissel
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